Search engine optimisation (SEO)

SEO is more than keywords and page titles. An essential part of your digital strategy, clever SEO ensures your site is visible, increases traffic and climbs search engine result pages. On-page, off-page, technical and local; there is so much to consider with search engine optimisation. Let me take the pressure away.

Grow your business with clear search engine optimisation

As digital marketing and consumer habits have developed in-time, search engine optimisation has become more and more of a necessity in digital marketing and communication plans. More than just the right keyword, a solid SEO plan will ensure business growth.  

A defined SEO strategy will ensure:

  • Your website can be found via organic searches
  • Your landing pages are more engaging 
  • Trustworthy link-building to your site
  • Your site is attractive to search engines
  • Your site is responsive with a good page speed

Developing your visibility

Search engine optimisation is about more than keywords; it is on-site SEO (developing your content), off-site SEO (increasing traffic routes to your site), technical SEO (making your site attractive to search engine indexing) and local SEO (expanding visibility beyond a search engine). 

If you're new to SEO, it can be a little tricky to understand in detail. Which is why I will help make SEO simple - I'll worry about the technical, you focus on the results. 

Where to start

Starting with on-site SEO, I'll ensure your web pages are fully optimised for users to read and navigate, as well as making sure search engines such as Google will index them for ranking in search results.  

Once the on-site SEO is complete, it will then pave the way for the next steps - developing your SEO off-site. Is your Google MyBusiness profile half setup, or is your sites page speed incredibly slow? Whatever the case, I'll carry out a full overview and complete all actions required. 

Ongoing maintenance

To ensure there are no hiccups after implementing your new SEO strategy, and to provide you with a more rounded service, I will provide ongoing maintenance to ensure your site continues to be optimised. 

Additional services

Content marketing

Social media marketing

Social media marketing


Content marketing is the key to success - it should be strong, it should meet the customers needs and it should fully represent your brand. Strong online content could mean the difference between a lead and sale, or not. 

Social media marketing

Social media marketing

Social media marketing


You have a website - but does your key audience know where to find you? Are you effectively building your online presence? Content is key - so is social media.