Website auditing

Your website is often the first impression of your organisation. With this in mind, website mean much more than colours, pictures and pop-ups. Your site should present all the information your customer is looking for, before they know they’re looking for it. Does your site need a fresh review?

Grow your business with a website audit

If your site was built a few years ago, or doesn't seem to be providing you with enough leads, it will be worth having a website audit. Even if your site isn't that old, but you feel as though something is missing or it is much too slow - a website audit could be all you need to make the necessary changes, without having to start from scratch. 

A website audit with me includes:

  • A full review of your content - does it attract your audience?
  • Finding your SEO score - can you be found via keywords?
  • Pointers to improve optimisation - this includes page speed 
  • A full design review - is your site easy to use & does it reflect your brands personality?
  • A full breakdown of actions to improve your site

Getting started

The best way to begin a website audit is offline. Why? Speaking with you, will help me to understand your business objectives and who your target audience is. I'll also find out exactly what you think your site should be doing. 

Next, I'll go online and begin to review your website, how easily it is found online and if it really meets your expectations. 

Reporting back

Once my audit of your website is complete, I will put together a detailed report with an action plan addressing any issues to be changed in order of high, medium and low priorities. 

The audit will outline exactly where your site has problem areas which could be costing you conversions, leads, sales or is difficult for your audience to engage with. 

Next steps

Your action plan will state what needs to be carried out in order to improve your site. The changes can either be made in-house, or we can discuss the option for me to carry out the changes as part of an ongoing activity. 

Additional services

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Search engine optimisation

Search engine optimisation


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Search engine optimisation


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