Website building

Your site should inform, inspire and convert across all devices. Is your site engaging? Is it responsive? Or, do you not have a site yet at all? Work with me to create your perfect website.   

Grow your business with a strong website

Your website is important. A strong website will mean the difference between customers interacting with you, or not. Using my advanced WordPress skills, I can build you a site which incorporates what you need, including lead-generation forms, and a responsive design which targets your key audience.  

A strong, well-built website will:

  • Be responsive 
  • Be mobile-friendly
  • Have a quick page speed
  • Rank well in search engine results
  • Encourage strong leads
  • Have a design which reflects your brands personality 

Designing your site

It’s important for me to first understand your business, your target audience and what your offering is. From here, I can create a sleek design which not only represents your brands personality, but encourages customer interaction.

While I create your site, I will send regular updates your way to make sure you're happy with how it looks - and move forwards with your input. 

Speaking to your audience

Your new website design will ensure your business can be found online and speaks to your audience. Why do I keep saying this? Because as you know, your audience is key.

Your customer is visiting your site to make a purchase, find out more information, make an enquiry or download a file. So your site needs to speak to them in a way they understand and a way which is simple to use. Remember; in a physical shop, a customer can ask a member of staff for help - on a website, they're on their own.  

Getting it right

First, I'll work on the outline of the site to ensure it is as functional as you require. Once your happy with the general foundation, I'll then begin customising the site to a design just right for you. I'll help to guide you through the design, working with you to ensure the perfect balance of your imagination and a perfect user experience.  

Additional services

Website auditing

Social media marketing

Social media marketing


Often, a website is the first-impression of a business. I'll be a fresh-set of eyes; the eyes of a customer, to review and audit your site, providing an in-depth audit and plan of action.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing

Social media marketing


You have a website - but does your key audience know where to find you? Are you effectively building your online presence? Content is key - so is social media.